Social Media

Social media is an important aspect of crypto and shares many of the same ideals, mainly that of empowering individuals.  Social media allows the circumvention of the usual media outlets as coverage in mainstream media is very negatively biased against crypto.  It plays an important role in allowing people to do their own research, form their own opinions and connect with other crypto advocates.

Whether your looking to increase your knowledge about blockchain, investing, trading, specific cryptos, market news and opinion then social media is the best place to find this or point you in the best direction online for further sources.

Words of caution on a few things to bear in mind with crypto social media:

-ALWAYS do your own research, do not blindly believe and act on what you see online
-Some places can become echo chambers so always seek opposing opinions
-Some people can be fanatical about a crypto they own, it can be very tribalistic
-A lot of misleading propaganda is out there about specific cryptos
-A lot of scams take place via social media
-Trust no one

Places that CryptoWales likes to visit and some recommendations:

Twitter – a huge amount of CryptoTwitter accounts are anonymous (ours included). Do not be put off by this, it is a result of security conscious crypto holders not wanting their details public.

Reddit – start by subscribing to r/Bitcoin and r/CryptoCurrency and then subscribe to specific cryptos, exchanges, trading groups….

Telegram – start by subscribing to @cryptocurrency and then join channels of specific cryptos, exchanges, trading groups….

Discord – start by joining trading and information groups like Bitcoin Masons or Crypto Cartel and then join channels of specific cryptos/exchanges usually via online invites.

Bitcoin Talk Forum – the original Bitcoin social media, start by joining and following the Bitcoin related discussions

Facebook – we do not really recommend Facebook as little crypto discussion takes place there.

YouTube – there are a lot of YouTubers putting out questionable content as well as some good ones.  Start by subscribing to Andreas M Antonopoulos, Magical Crypto FriendsCryptoCred, Tone Vays, Venture Coinist and local Louis Thomas.

Podcasts – find the type/style you enjoy most, such as Unchained, What Bitcoin Did, Off The ChainCryptoPulse or The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Choose what type of information you want and which social media most suits you, start small and slowly over time you will build a list of trusted and reliable sources of information to keep your finger on the pulse of crypto with little effort.

If you have any recommendations for other groups or people worth following then let us know.